Sunday, December 16, 2007


This piece, IN ALL DIRECTIONS, is the third of the three pieces in the "Small Expressions VI" show at the Northwind Art Center in Port Townsend. I like the small, tall and slender stature as a format for this piece. Tall windows on all sides. Giving the ability to the momma bird to come and go from any window or the unborn to fledge in any direction, N,S,E, or W. Life moves in all directions. Where we go is where we are pulled.

A feathered fishing hook is fashioned as a finial for the structure atop a pounded aluminum roof. Aluminum window frames, street cleaner bristles for the stilts, wire nest, and polymer clay egg all come together to help complete this piece.

Saturday, December 15, 2007


WINGED MOON EMERGING, also part of the "Small Expressions VI" exhibit, comes into view housed in a veil of fog. As she moves, flying in and out of the clouds we see revealed, a face of well-being that shines over us with a sense of safekeeping. (click on photo for larger image)

Her face is of carved bone, window of fog from vellum, poly material for roof, feathers, beads, tacks, street sweeper bristles,
and other materials compose this piece.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


This was a recent commission piece I created for a client in New York. Ladders are of great interest to her so I came up with a
ladder that was unusual and quirky. They can often conger up the sense of imagination or symbology. The ladder travels up through the bottom of the structure so one can climb up, sit down and be WHERE THE STARS LIVE. Being that the piece was so tall and the handcrafted paper I used on the outside of the structure looked to me like constellations, I felt it called for it's given title. (click on photo for larger image)

WHERE THE STARS LIVE stands tall in the skies on stilts made with steel street cleaner bristles. I made the ladder using these same bristles, metal washers and wire, not to mention a lot of patience and perseverance. Handcrafted paper, pounded aluminum sheeting and found objects make up the structure WHERE THE STARS LIVE.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


JACK IN THE BOX is one of three pieces that will be a part of Northwind Arts Center’s annual “Small Expressions VI” juried art show. This year’s juror is David Sessions who is the Exhibition Director at the Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery on Bainbridge Island where this piece made its debut in a show titled BOXES back in August. David has had a varied career as store designer, event planner, and landscape designer.
The selected works in this annual show have always been diverse and interesting. The small size often challenges the artists to think out of the box, inside and out in the case of JACK IN THE BOX.
The artist reception is Saturday, December 1, 5:30 pm - 8:00 pm. I invite you to come in to see the entire exhibit and, of course, my other two small expressions. I hope to see you there.
(click on photos for larger images)


Yes, you can guess, POSTCARDS FROM THE SKY is another piece from the afore/below mentioned show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts. I was so inspired by the theme of this exhibit that I created nine pieces. POSTCARDS FROM THE SKY imparts the idea that these gifts in the form of eggs and ultimately winged creatures, are messages, postcards, from the sky. The message can be whatever speaks to you or touches your heart, whether it be the magnificence of the feathers, the air of their song or something more ethereal. Nature offers us many wonders and the feathered friend is one. (click on photo for larger image)

POSTCARDS FROM THE SKY is an interactive piece. The wire that carries the bird can be moved left or right to simulate it's flight. Within the boxed vignette is a real nest sent to me by a friend in Alabama. Within the nest are eggs I created from polymer clay. Also used are street sweeper bristles, rusted bottle cap, flat and brass beads, vintage post card, postage stamp and cancellation images, copper, handcrafted paper, walnut and maple woods.

Monday, November 26, 2007


HAVE NEST WILL TRAVEL is another of my works from the "Bird Abodes: Birdhouses and Nests" like the two previous posts. This piece tells the story of a traveling nursery of sorts, a nest that is available for hire. I liked the idea the that nest could have mobility and recyclability, to be reused, providing a service. One of the three eggs resting within the nest is real and the other two I created from polymer clay with added paint to match the real one. All of them ready and waiting to transform into another phase of life, perhaps when they are ready, their paths will cross the same traveling nest they were cradled in. (click on photo for larger image)

HAVE NEST WILL TRAVEL moves on wooden wheels. On these wheels sits an open front box adorned with tacks, scrabble tiles and an embellished finial. Housed inside is a real nest that rests nestled in grasses and reeds. A carved, wooden bird flies above topping the finial made of various beads and found objects. This sits on a maple wood base, fronted with another egg I created using polymer clay and paint.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


PRECIOUS CARGO was also part of the "Bird Abodes:Birdhouses and Nests" show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts. Bird eggs are poised between strong shelled and delicate or fragile. Every nest carries it's own precious cargo and is vulnerable to the elements and predators. Our wild bird populations are also teetering on a delicate balance so, to me, every egg that supports life is precious. In this piece, PRECIOUS CARGO, I wanted to create lightheartedness that played with the idea of something having great value that is treated with care. I thought putting it on wheels gave it an element of whimsy. (click on photo for larger image)

PRECIOUS CARGO moves carefully on pewter wheels connected to a base that carries the house of handcrafted paper, aluminum sheeting, wire, and tubing, feathers, gold leafed polymer egg, more wire, found objects, and steel street sweeper bristles.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


I am fascinated by animals and their behavior, especially Crows and Ravens, two of our more intelligent species. They are so entertaining to observe, especially while they solve problems by coming up with ingenious solutions. NIGHT TRAVELER was one of numerous pieces that were part of a group show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts entitled "Bird Abodes:Birdhouses and Nests". I like to create quirky, playful or odd situations within each piece that are out of the ordinary. Obviously, this Raven's house was built for mobility and, as you can see, he moves in style, at night, among the moon and stars. Where is he going? Only he knows of his destination, but then again, maybe he is on an unplanned adventure. (click on photo for larger image)

NIGHT TRAVELER travels within a maplewood frame measuring 12 X 15. Using a painted background, corrugated paper, fabric, my illustration of a Raven, spring, hair, beads, tacks, nails, and gears... the journey unfolds.