Saturday, April 27, 2013


This is one of four pieces I crafted for the book show, Coming Unbound: Book As Sculpture, at Northwind Arts Center in Port Townsend. I titled it JOURNALS OF A WANDERING TRAVELER. The roof is made from a dear, small book I happened to have 2 of so I sacrificed one to put a roof on my small, wheeled, mobile shelter. I usually do not like to mutilate books as I feel they are a precious and important part of our culture, of our human experience, but adding this small book to this piece felt OK or maybe I am just rationalizing....
The small journals (below) that slide into the hollow cavity on the front of the shelter are 2 that I made especially for this piece.

The dimensions of this piece are approximately 8" X 4" X 4". Click on photos for larger image.
Thanks for checking in and be sure to come back to see another piece from this show I will be posting in the near future.

REMEMBER to click on the photos for a larger image.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Throughout its remarkable history the book has been a means to transporting ideas, messages, and thoughts. It has been an intriguing vehicle for reflection and communication, a formidable object. It has been banned, burned, collected, censored, hidden, sworn upon, quoted, treasured, adorned, discarded, chained, praised, and threatened extinction.

In the art exhibit Coming Unbound eleven artists explore the concept of “book” as inspiration in unique and personalized ways to convey their artistic messages.

Artists invited to participate in the Coming Unbound: Book As Sculpture are: Renee Bush, Mary-Ellen Campbell, Linda Jarvis, Gloria Lamson, Counsel Langley, Carolyn Law, Shane Miller, Jean-Marie Tarascio, Rebecca Welti, Joan Wenske, and Helga Winter. Stop by the Northwind Arts Center gallery at 2409 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend for the opening April 6th, 5:30-8 or
Thursday - Monday Noon - 5pm.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


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This is another piece for the COMING UNBOUND: BOOK AS SCULPTURE show that is opening this Saturday, April 6th at Northwind Arts Center that I mentioned in my previous post.  I wish I had taken some photos of the small journals as I was creating them. It was a fun process and the first time I have built a book using signatures. It is quite a process and makes me respect books and bookmakers even more now.

This piece is one I call JOURNALS OF A WANDERING TRAVELER. It is approximately 7" tall and 4" X 4" when the journals aren't pulled out at all.

Remember you can click on the photo for a larger image.

And thank you for coming back to see what comes forth from my studio in the woods.