Monday, March 15, 2010


This is my first year to jury for Strait Art at the Port Angeles Fine Art Center.
Above is my self promotional email announcement that I sent out to my e-list. The show is diversified and encompasses 29 artists from the Straits of Juan de Fuca area. This year the exhibition merged with the new PUB (Pirate Union Building) Gallery at the Peninsula College campus which expands the exhibition space considerably, giving each artist the opportunity to show four pieces each. The opening reception was yesterday afternoon with generous attendance. There were delectable delights for nibbling on while mingling with guests and other artists.
It was an opportune time to meet new artists and reconnect with others I had not seen in a lengthy time. The local PA paper, the Daily Peninsula News, did a cover story in their Spotlight section last Friday, 3-12-10, if you have access to this publication you can learn about the participating artists.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


From time to time, as with writers, artists get blocked, too. We lose our voice, so to speak. Those inspirational juices just don't flow through our blood as per usual. I have had one of these dry spells of late. You may have noticed if you have visited these pages within the last five months or so, I haven't had much to share. For a while I was in a period of experimentation, shifting my direction. I was really enjoying the creative process, but I didn't feel grounded in it, thus a bit off balance for a time. I wasn't sure of my expression which in turn silenced me in that uncertainty. I was groping, but grasping nothing. This empty phase gave me pause to review how and where my creative endeavors have assisted me.
This piece shown above was something I drew 35 years ago. I have to say it struck a chord in me when I came across it while I was thumbing through my old portfolios, struggling with this lack of inspiration. I've always felt close to this piece because it speaks with a whisper and offers a moment of tranquility, indicative of where I was in my life, living on the Big Island, Hawai'i. In that way it slowed me down by offering me quiet time to breathe and infuse intention into how I want to begin again as I move forward in my newest work and meditation.
During this retrospective ritual I saw with remembrance where I have been with my work and a small glimmer of light appeared guiding me to move forward. This meant it was time to call on my muse again and hope she would oblige with an appearance. Thankfully she did show up and with grace and calmness to help move my brushes and pencils and stir ideas and visions around in my head.
Though heavy moods and doubts accompanied this creative drought, I learned that patience was key - to be with what may be keeping me without expression and journey through it by reflecting on where I have come from.
This insightful journey was of immense support to help carry me forward to explore new creative horizons. It is good to be back, to have my voice again and I am most grateful for this quiet, yet stimulating piece...and my muse, of course. I close in gratitude.

Stay tuned.

This illustration was done in graphite pencil, colored pencil and acrylic paint back in 1975.
All rights reserved by the artist.