Thursday, January 31, 2008


What happens to a gift that is quietly offered, but is then forgotten. Does It sit in waiting gathering antiquity? To gaze upon this bestowal is somewhat spellbinding . . . what is this mysterious gift and how long has it been overlooked?

THE FORGOTTEN OFFERING appears as a mica box enclosing delicate white moth wings resting in residence on a chair made of metal street cleaner bristles and wire. (click on photos for larger images)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Those who know me recognize I have a strong aversion to the use of animals in acts like circuses or magic tricks, no tolerance for exploitation or abuse of any kind. Hence this piece was sprung. I thought I would make a piece that was colorful, with a sense of joy that illustrates the courage and skill the rabbit achieved to hide from the dreaded magic hat. Successful in his quest he sits quietly, somewhat timidly, yet happily, never to be found, never to enter that magic hat again. Aware of a safe moment, he scurries away using his own magic powers, disappearing into a new adventure where he will seek happier turf.

HIDING FROM THE MAGIC HAT is a perfect hide out of handcrafted paper, pounded aluminum wire, square nail, domino, beads, street cleaner bristles, augmented print from an original I painted of an arctic rabbit and other found objects. (click on photo for larger image)

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


This piece, THE TINDER BOX, was also a part of the Bainbridge Arts and Crafts BOXES show that I mentioned in my previous post.
It really speaks for itself. The structure starts with a hinged lidded wooden box with added elements I hammered from aluminum sheeting. I then made the roof, again, using hammered aluminum sheeting, pins, beads, on the peak made of foam core and handmade paper crowned with a finial made with a lipstick case and hammered aluminum wire to represent a chimney and smoke. It stands on stilts of porcelain insulators. The surprise inside, as you see in the photo below, is a small box I handcrafted using thin strips of cedar, added straw for tinder and a match. You can see how it fuels it's own voice. (click on photos for larger images)

Sunday, January 27, 2008


SECRETS IN THE BASEMENT, TREASURES IN THE ATTIC was part of BOXES, a show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts and leaves much to the imagination veiled with a bit of mystery especially the secrets in the basement. What might they be and will they be revealed? After all secrets are secrets and who is going to tell, unless the burden becomes too heavy and the truth then be told. The treasures in the attic, on the other hand, are easily seen within view through the attic windows. Nothing concealed, open to the world with nothing to hide, except the revelation of the gifts held within the treasured eggs.

SECRETS IN THE BASEMENT, TREASURES IN THE ATTIC are housed in a lidded box covered in handcrafted paper, with hammered aluminum, metal street cleaner bristles, aluminum tubing and a roof made of poly board and foam core board, acrylic ring. Nest is wire, treasures are made of polymer clay.(click on photo for larger image)

Friday, January 25, 2008


I love our moon. I think it is so wonderful that we live on a planet that has a moon, a natural satellite. A luna to gaze out upon when she chooses to be seen in various phases as she peeks out of the darkness. I've always found a comfort in the bright illumination as it creates shadows. I love walking in and out of the dark and light spaces that are formed as the light filters through trees during a moonlit walk. But, I also muse in my imagination, where does the moon sleep? And in that phantasia came the inspiration that brought into being this piece, WHERE THE MOON SLEEPS.

WHERE THE MOON SLEEPS is shown within a structure covered with dress pattern tissue paper, hammered aluminum sheeting, metal street cleaner bristles, aluminum tape, aluminum tubing, beads, tacks, wire, and other found objects. (click on the photos for larger images)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Not only does this piece demonstrate the way we can put our hearts out on a string where it leads us to our heart desires, be it personal passions, love or just life, but it also gives a penetrating view into our hearts. An opening to see our true selves, to be vulnerable and truthful, to be transparent with an open heart in friendships, love and life.

HEART ON A STRING is offered up on metal street cleaner bristles, wire, washers, square nails, small reproduction of an x-ray, and a small silver heart on a string. (click on photo for larger image)

Monday, January 21, 2008


The plight of the Polar Bear is very visible in our lives today with the serious and devastating issue of global warming. With our positive actions and our hopes for a healthy earth and environment for these great beasts, we can keep them safe with A ROOM WITH A VIEW overlooking a vast frozen terrain.

A ROOM WITH A VIEW is occupied by an augmented print from my original painting of a Polar Bear. It is built using handcrafted papers, metal street cleaner bristles, bones, corrugated card board, beads, and an eye glass bridge pad for a finial. (click on photo for large image)

Friday, January 18, 2008


Here again is a piece that repeats the theme of crows and ravens. They appear in my work frequently, as you have probably seen throughout my blog, an indication of my passion for them. The attraction of shiny objects is large in their appetite for mischief so collecting is one of their all time favorite pass times. Here raven protects precious treasures from the rising moon, as the goods are illuminated making it all the easier to steal them.

MOON COMES TO STEAL RAVEN'S TREASURES is a collection of a silver cone, hair, beads, bee button, paper, metal street cleaner bristles, aluminum ring with vellum and an augmented print of raven taken from my original illustration. (click on the photo for larger image)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


THE CROW'S NEST is one of my favorite pieces. I guess it is because it represents the wonderful world of crows and ravens, the intellects of our birdlings. Today I heard a raven in the distance. As he flew over me he sent out his throaty, gravelly call. I called back, pretty nicely I might add, but he kept going without answering. However, as he flew by, the whispers of his wings pushing the air landed so quietly on my ears it nearly took my breath away. So magical is that moment when that sound barely breaks the silence, but it is enough to make my heart race.

THE CROW'S NEST is stilted with metal street cleaner bristles, accompanied with handcrafted papers, horseshoe nail, scrap metal, pounded aluminum sheeting, beads, nails, wire. Nested within is my illustration of crow. (click on photo for larger image)

Monday, January 14, 2008


This piece, JUST PASSING THROUGH, was inspired by the steady and constant rhythms of migration. The ever moving flow of our animal kingdom returning to take up temporary residency fascinates me. Their instinctive drive to move from one region or habitat to another, regularly according to the seasons, is a wonder of nature that will never cease to amaze me.

JUST PASSING THROUGH is created using handcrafted paper, copper, feathers, metal street cleaner bristles and other mixed media materials. (Click on photo for larger image)

Thursday, January 10, 2008


With this new year laid before me, I see an open field of possibilities for numerous creative processes and experimentation awaiting exploration. The new year always gifts me with renewal and a freshness that is like a huge blank canvas ready for me to jump in. The excitement and creative juices flow through me rapidly as do the thoughts of contemplation as to where new creative energy will take me and how to best use it.

Yesterday was the first meeting this new year of our trio of art mates. However, we are missing our dear fourth member who passed away from us in November. But her spirit still gathers with us each time we meet. Our topic for discussion was time management and organization. It was one of our most productive meetings thus far. One of the pluses yesterday was having the company of my dear sister, Wendy, who offered some great ideas from her own experiences dealing with time management and getting organized, all of which she says has profoundly changed her life. Her input was very well received, welcomed and of great value. Thank you Wendy. All of us contributed great ideas and set personal goals to work on for the month. We will check in with each other as to how we are progressing.

Below is an excerpt from a great article that I shared with the group, Time Management for Creative People, Manage the mundane - create the extraordinary by Mark McGuinness. My husband emailed it to me with "because I care" in the subject line. He sees where I have areas in my daily life and art life that could use some help-removing obstacles that prevent easy forward motion. My work space can get chaotic after a push towards a show, but to me, that is how I matter how many times I clean and start anew, it always ends up looking disorderly. However, I do know I need to do some purging in all aspects of my life. So back to this snippet from the article...I had to share it as I imagine lots of us creative types may relate as I do, although I do not get up at noon nor do I work in a dressing gown, but as for the chaos, that seems to be my feed.

"I’m not suggesting that all artists and creatives need to be ‘organised’ in a way that would satisfy a corporate boss. You might get up at noon and work at home in your dressing gown, in a pigsty of a living room. You might check into a different hotel room every day and work on the bed. Your creative process and working habits might look like total chaos to an outsider, but if they work for you, that’s all that matters. And there will be some method in the madness – patterns in your daily activities that are vital to your creativity. These are the things you need to do to keep your imagination alive – whether it’s sitting at a desk by 6am, using the same pen, notebook or make of computer, hitch-hiking across America, putting rotten apples in your desk so that the scent wafts into your nostrils as you work, or sitting in your favourite cafĂ© with a glass of absinthe."

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Sunday, January 6, 2008


All the artists that show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery were invited to create and donate an art piece on an 8" X 8" canvas, which they provided for us, for a benefit show titled Whodunit? which also commemorated the 60th birthday of this wonderful non-profit gallery. The idea was to not reveal to the public who the artists were. This was achieved by not signing the front of our pieces so it became the game of Whodunit? All the artworks were priced at $350.00 with all the proceeds to benefit BAC's new art program, Art After 60, which will bring art to senior citizens. The show opened this past Friday evening with a gala reception while the artists wore masks so as not to reveal their identity, as such . . . all for fun. The exhibit will run through January 29th.

My offering was CLOSED FOR THE WINTER. As you see in the photos it is a coolish piece that evokes stillness and vacancy while a space sits quietly during the winter months, perhaps with a sting of loneliness or even the sacred sanctuary of solitude. All created with aluminum wire, sheeting, and tape, as well as tacks, pins, brads, vellum and hair.(Click on photos for larger image)