Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, time has lapsed since my last post . . . my apologies for the delay. However, this is a follow up to my last post.
This Artist Studio Tour was another adventure in presenting ourselves and our work to our community. Here I am standing at the open barn doors during the early pre-tour hours. After completing our set up, we were all contemplating what the weekend would bring as 3 out of 4 of us had not participated in the Port Townsend Artist Studio Tour before other than our own Barn Sale previously this past summer in June.

Here we are witnessing the quiet before the storm, a view of my work after set up before the crowds arrived.

Here we are getting our signage all together so our visitors can find us easily.

The sun came out after a night of drizzle and a morning of cool fog. Walking into GreyBird barn was like walking into a gallery of sorts. We were, once again as with our June sale, very happy with our set up as it welcomed visitors into a very creative space.

If moving clockwise through the space my work appeared, then
Diana Cronin's wonderful, colorful pottery at the right and below.

This tour gave us the opportunity to show our process first hand as to how we create and answer questions visitors may have had. Above I am explaining my drawing and painting technique and the use of found elements.

Diana at work demonstrating painting glaze onto a piece of pottery and Shane documenting the affair. Shane's photo-etched metal narrative boxes and jewelry are on the panels behind her.

Here again you can see more of Shane Miller's work and in the foreground is the display of Diane Gale's earthy and imaginative ceramic works.

Diane had her wheel on site to give a hands-on demo of how she builds her various ceramic pieces and discussed the wood fire process.

Though I could not partake in these yummy looking goodies, I had to share this artful plate that was so generously gifted to us by our friend, Carrie. She baked these and much more for our tour guests. We were the talk of the town, not only for our great artistic barn presentation, but also for these delicious offerings.

My dear mom (90 years old! would you believe) and sister. They were 2 of our many happy guests warming up with hot cider that we also offered our guests.

Here we are. The troupe. From left to right is Shane Miller, Wendy Jarvis (our angel and my sister who helped us again with giving so much of herself during setup, the weekend and striking), Linda Jarvis (that's me), Diane Gale and Diana Cronin.

Over all we were very happy with the weekend, the 11th annual Port Townsend Studio Tour. The tour encompassed 47 different studios open to the public and again, Shane's GreyBird Barn turned out to be a perfect venue for the 4 of us to present our works to the community and out of town visitors. The turn out was fantastic with 265 visitors coming through during the two day studio tour. I also want to thank 2 out of town friends, one who I have known since kindergarden, who came all the way from Redmond.

We are looking to the future to next June on the solstice weekend for our 2nd Annual Artist Studio Barn Sale at GreyBird Barn. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Art Port Townsend's 11th Annual Studio Tour

I will be sharing studio space with 3 other artist friends, Diana Cronin, Diane Gale, and Shane Miller, at Shane Miller's GreyBird Barn Studio during the Art Port Townsend Studio Tour. We invite you to come by to visit the studio, watch us demonstrate and engage in conversation with us during this studio tour weekend. We each have artist ID numbers that will correspond with map 1 and map 2 and within the brochure and on signs directing you to the studio. I hope you can get by to visit.

Preview Show October 3 -11 at Northwind Arts Center
The Studio Tour Preview Show displays samples of artwork from most of the 47 plus artists in the studio tour. Come by the Northwind Arts Center to get your Tour map, and to preview the studios you can visit. The Preview Show will be open Saturday evening, Oct. 3rd for Gallery Walk, and will remain open with extended hours through the Studio Tour ending on Oct. 11th, Sunday. Pick up a brochure and plan your art studio visits! Northwind Art Center will be open Monday through Sunday, noon to 5pm for this special week.

The Eleventh Annual Artist Studio Tour is scheduled for October 10 and 11, Saturday and Sunday, 10 to 4 pm. The popular Art Studio Tour will be enjoying it’s eleventh year with forty-seven studios. Visit studios and see work in progress including painting, sculpture, metal casting, jewelry, furniture, glass, weaving, book making, printmaking, wood and more.

For more information, see artist images and statements go to the Art Port Townsend website

Linda Jarvis: A Window of Opportunity

Diana Cronin: Shot Glasses

Diane Gale: A Quiet Conversation

Shane Miller: Daedalus as a Boy

Sunday, September 6, 2009


MOON BEETLE is the last in the trio of pieces realized for the BUGS show. To learn more about this exhibit scroll down to the 3 previous posts.

While studying a borrowed book on the wonderful world of bugs and beetles my eyes fell upon a beetle that, in my vision, appeared to have moons within the patterns on its back. From there MOON BEETLE manifested when I followed my creative instinct to use that moon illusion I had pictured in my mind. I started with cutting out the beetle's body from masonite with a bit of carving and, of course, some sanding (personal note: my skin and eyes do not like the very fine dust that results.) Moving on . . . After 2 or 3 coats of black gesso the beetle birthed itself via acrylic paint and colored pencil. I had done a few doodles in my sketch book so there wasn't too much of a query as to how to apply this beetle, now in hand, to a piece. It felt only natural to follow through on my sketch and add a moon somewhere within the piece. Probing through my found object accumulations I placed my hand on a small sphere that was the perfect size to paint forming relief craters on its surface. It then took its place in a cut-out window on the back surface within a box fabricated to create depth beyond the background the beetle would rest. The legs of the beetle are emulated by using parts of dentist tools and the antennae are the tiniest of springs with alternating beads slipped onto a thin wire. Voila!

MOON BEETLE measures 9-1/8H X 8W X 3D. Click on photo for larger image.

Saturday, August 29, 2009


BEEFRIENDING is the second of three pieces I created for the BUGS exhibit. As I view this piece I reflect on my approach to my work it seems I don't often know what is going to come forth creatively so I just let it show up with each moment. Then other works come from an illustration I develop in a sketchbook or I may go further with a simple study to get more of a sense of the piece.  BEEFREINDING came somewhat spontaneously. I first applied several coats of black gesso to the small, short-legged chair for a base ground to work on. Then after sanding and removing any residue I painted the imagery that came to mind.  Once or twice or more I go digging through and gather up a few of my various collected objects. I then added longer legs to the chair made from turned dowels plus the addition of the balls at the foot of each leg. Colorful discs were placed where the legs meet the chair giving them a more interesting transition as they connect. These were all treated with numerous coats of gesso, then acrylic paint and colored pencil. The child's block and all the attached elements on top as well as the spheres, discs and feathers on the chair's back risers were all embellishments I affixed to add further character and whimsy.

Here is a closer look at BEEFRIENDING. The occurrence of the bee landing atop the bird's head could have been one of annoyance or even an opportunity for a snack . . . hmmmm . . .  perhaps not. My feeling was that this could be a moment for a friendly and harmonious exchange, an instant for pause and tolerance.

BEEFRIENDING up close and personal . 

The chair stands 23H X 5-7/8W X 5-5/8D. Click on the photos for a larger images.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


The image above is the full view of the cropped version of CLOSE ENCOUNTER I used to create the announcement for the BUG show posted previously, August 5th. I drew and painted the young coyote using graphite and colored pencil and acrylic paint on heavy, acid-free stock then cut it out with an Xacto knife. It is layered away from the background which I painted using acrylic paint, colored pencil and pastel over black gesso. The wonderful BUG creature sitting in the foreground "windowsill" is a handcrafted glass bee created by an artist friend. The entire frame and matt were also painted with several coats of black gesso then finished with a matt varnish.


CLOSE ENCOUNTER measures 10-1/2H X 8-7/8W X 1-1/4D. Click on the photo for larger image.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


I am a bit behind on my entries, time has flown and life this summer has been busy, but here is a quick note to let you know of this BUGS show that opens Friday August 7 at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery.
If you are nearby please stop in for the opening evening or sometime during the shows duration, August 7 - September 1, 2009. Thank you for your continued support.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


GreyBird Barn hovering in the calm before the welcomed storm.

In my previous post I mentioned that a group of five artists birthed the idea of an Artist Studio Sale at Shane's GreyBird Barn. After much preparatory work Shane's barn was transformed into an intimate gallery setting. The art-enthused visitors flowed through in a steady stream both days. We are all so pleased with the results of this event. It has grounded itself as the first of many studio sales we will present at Shane's GreyBird Barn. The weekend was full of art collectors as well as those who came to observe and offer their valued words of appreciation and praise. Thank you to all who stopped by over the weekend to help make our affair have a favorable outcome. AND to all who helped weave it all together and offered help throughout the weekend. There are not enough words to express our appreciation and gratitude.
A personal note of thanks and huge amounts of gratitude to my dear sister, Wendy, who was at my side helping haul, hang, and break down the show as well as making and bringing me lunch and preparing other various meals. Wendy, you brought lightness and laughter, love and support to a task that would not have been as much fun without you. THANK YOU from the wholeness of my heart.

Entering GreyBird Barn Studio/Gallery

My work, Linda Jarvis

A little bit of me (foreground left), Lynn Anju, Shane Miller and Diane Gale (foreground right)

Again, a little bit of me (foreground left), Shane Miller and Diane Gale

Diane (foreground), Lynn (left) and Shane (back)

Beverly Saito

The Artists - Me (Linda), Lynn, Silas (Beverly's Husband/the zen man), Diane, and Shane

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For a number of years now the artists in my artist support and discussion group have passed the idea around about having a studio sale with a few artist friends in Shane's barn. So finally a couple of months ago the topic came up again in our art group about really taking the steps to actually make a studio sale happen in her barn. We hope it can be the kind of thing where we could have it year after year on the same weekend and create a following. After a lot of organizing and a lot of work pulling it all together the sale will take place this weekend! A wonderful group of 5 talented artists will be gathered at Shane's GreyBird Barn to display and sell their work.

All the participating artists have contributed hugely . . . Lynn, Diane and Beverly were in charge of making the sandwich board signs . . . I designed and created the postcard, flyers and email announcements and everyone helped in distributing flyers, especially Lynn . . . Marilyn, a friend of Beverly's wrote an article for us and Shane did some final touches and tweaking plus the distribution to the various publications. These are just some of the efforts we have put forth to create this event. Many generous friends have helped make this affair possible . . . unexpected gravel shoveled into the ruts in her driveway . . . homemade cookies and lemonade for the duration of the sale . . . help with chainsawing up a bunch of logs that were in the way . . . and many hands helping make her property look presentable. Many heartfelt thanks to everyone.

If you are in the neighborhood stop by for some cookies and lemonade and a chance to see some exceptional art for your home and/or office and don't forget your gift list.

We are doing this event in conjunction with another group of artists in Chimacum at Egg & I Pottery. 8 potters in various disciplines will have their goods on display and for sale.

Friday, April 24, 2009


This is the seat of a chair I have created for this year's fund raiser, The Chair Affair, that PT Artscape puts on yearly which I have participated in for the last 3 years since it's inception. You can see previous chairs on earlier posts.

The inspiration for this chair, WHAT'S THE BUZZ?, came from many sources, but mostly from a dear friend, the late Suzanne Henrion, who loved vibrant colors, was an artist, art collector, art appreciator and aficionado. There were many of us who were fortunate to have known her. She gifted this little chair to me along with most of the added elements with which I embellished it.

I continue to give thanks and gratitude to Suzanne for the endless support she graciously offered to so many artists and their arts. This chair is offered to The Chair Affair in her memory.

This chair was constructed of plain pine. I gave it a black undercoat with black gesso - 3 coats, sanding in between, then painted it using acrylics and colored pencils. Then I added all the elements at the top and the spools and wooden balls and metal, ball-headed pins to extend the length of the legs, painted them after giving them the same black gesso undercoats.
The chair is approximately 19" tall. Click on the photos for larger images.

The Chair Affair will take place at the Mt Baker Building – 2nd Floor during Port Townsend's Gallery Walk, Saturday, May 2, 2009. Most of our Galleries will be open till 8 pm with some serving refreshments. Come join in the festivities of the evening and celebrate the opening of Art Wave, showing students work in various businesses throughout our town. Entertainment will be by the Bruce Cowan Trio.
Come and support our arts program. The redesigned chairs and side tables by many local artists will be for sale, and student work will be on display. The Arts are a fundamental component of a basic education for our students. The arts are a core subject in Washington State.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


FIRST FRUIT is the fourth of four pieces I completed for the STREETS AND ROADS exhibit at the Bainbridge Island Gallery. As in the previous pieces posted I used the layering of 3 planes to create the illusion of depth in hopes to take the viewer further into the piece, further into one's imagination. I like working in this format though it makes the completion more complicated.

FIRST FRUIT measures 8-1/2H X 8W X 1-1/2D - rendered in mixed media.

Click on photo for larger image.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is another completed piece for the STREETS AND ROADS exhibit that utilizes the element I created and posted on March 1st. THE RED DOOR story is presented in layers taking you out to a world beyond Raven's refuge. This new format is something I am exploring. We shall see where it takes me...

THE RED DOOR measures 9-1/4H X 9-1/4W X 1-1/2D - mixed media.
Click on the photo for a larger image.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A distant horizon against a starry night pull Coyote into a dream. Where might the meandering ribbon of dirt take Coyote? The dreams, if told, would tell.

COYOTE DREAMS was another piece created for the STREETS AND ROADS show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts gallery as mentioned in previous posts. It measures 8-1/4H X 8-1/4W X 1-1/2D rendered in mixed media. Click on photo for larger image.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


If you remember, I posted this rabbit as a sneak peek a couple posts back. This is the finished piece, THE OPEN WINDOW, for the STREETS AND ROADS show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery in Winslow, WA. Existing as a pull toy, rabbit sits quietly on a shelf just inside the open window. But, does rabbit contemplate this as a favorable chance to slip out through the window and up a road to adventures beyond imagination? Or does contentment to remain within a familiar world sitting on a ledge suit rabbit just fine? Options presented, choices to be made.

All my pieces are done in mixed media. THE OPEN WINDOW measures 11-1/2H X 9-1/4W X 1-1/4D. Click on the photo for a larger image.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


As you can gather from viewing my works in past posts it is made up of components and elements. This raven is part of a piece I have painted for STREETS AND ROADS, a show that opens this week, Friday, at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery. The blue bird below is also an element from a piece I have painted for the same exhibit. This is a new direction for me and I am rather absorbed by it. I am anxiously awaiting some cradle boards my sister is bringing to me this week. New works . . . This is always exciting and sometimes carries some uncertainty not knowing exactly where one will end up when finished. It has been a fun exploration. If you are not near this gallery to come to the opening or visit the gallery during the show's display, come back to my blog to see the finished pieces.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


This rabbit, in pull toy form, is part of a piece I am creating for a show in March at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery. I guess I don't want to reveal too much information at this point before it is completed so you will have to come back to see the finished piece in a couple of weeks.

My work, is again, continuing to shift so I am in a state of transition with it presently. But, it still carries with it an observable style with each manifestation. It seems to always be in a state of flux which I rather enjoy as there is always some form of progression. I like to act on the state of what is moving me from within. I hope you will check back to see the final piece and the inclination my work has moved in.

Click on the photo for a larger image.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


We have a small fish pond in our garden and while enjoying the tranquillity it brings to us my observations of the activities of the fish that live there inspired this piece. SOME ARE QUITE COY was part a show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery titled BOXES. It has moveable parts thus making it an interactive piece creating the ability for the viewer to reveal the coy koi, as you will see in the image below. When the heavy wires at the sides of the box are pushed inward the hidden coy come out from behind the lily pads. The opposite result occurs when the wires are pulled outward sending the koi back into their hiding mode.

Click on the photos for larger images.