Friday, July 30, 2010


In this photo I am shown sitting with the three fellow accomplished artist-friends I exhibited with in BIRDS OF A FEATHER as we shared our artistic backgrounds, approaches and techniques. The Artist Talk, which took place on a Sunday afternoon, was part of the education process Northwind Art Center provides the community. We each expressed our artistic experiences with some of our insights and methodology on one or more of the pieces we were displaying. I expounded on the piece in a previous post, DREAMS OF FLIGHT, as well as the other previously pieces you can see if you scroll down. During the presentation there were inquisitive questions from the attendees which allowed for more revelation of our work. One of the participants was Ned Schumann, founder of one of our oldest local Internet Service Providers on the Olympic Peninsula, OlympusNet, which started in 1993. He was filming the event and also took this photo (above) of us while we spoke. We are, from left to right: Kate Snow, Ellen Reichart, me and Rae Belkin. I will be posting other shots he captured of my work from this exhibit at a later date. Stay tuned. Remember to enlarge the image, click on the photo.

Friday, July 23, 2010


Layering has always been an intricate part of my work. I like the idea of creating depth. Then within the story that unfolds comes the creation of intrigue. This piece is a bit unusual for me as I do not typically do people. But I was wanting to do a piece that depicted a person wearing a bird mask, but once I had this female image complete I did not want to cover up her dreamlike gaze. So, where do I move with it? I then thought a kite with a bird placed on it might be fun way to add some movement to the contemplative stillness of the woman. I have been using the matte as an extension of the working format and I am really liking the results and how it plays into the whole of the concept. The idea of the wings on the woman came at the end and with the dreamy trance she took on, then, of course, the title was birthed . . . DREAMS OF FLIGHT. Haven't we all, at some time or other, thought of being able to fly? I know I have. I so often imagine what it might be like to sore high on the winds, travel where and as I wish, seeing the Earth below and distances far off. Perhaps the next life has this in store for me.
This photo was actually taken before I got the piece settled into a frame, as you can see the shadow at the top of the matte is a little distorted. This was also part of BIRDS OF A FEATHER show at Northwind Art Center, Port Townsend, that is still on exhibit through Aug. 1. Remember to click on the image for a larger view of it.

Monday, July 12, 2010


Like most of my pieces, this piece metamorphosed and evolved as I created it. The mallard hen is painted on heavy vellum then cut out and set off the background. I was going to put the mask over the mallards head, but thought why cover her up after giving her life. So I decided to suspend the raven mask from string and add more dimension that made it look more 3D in it's form . . . it hangs over the matte. Ultimately, this title came to me after it had been completed. I was riding as passenger in the car with my husband when it hit me. I said out loud, "Oh! I think I've got it! Of course!". It rang a bell in my head so clear, it could be nothing other than MASQUERADE GONE A-FOWL. Playing with words creating a visual pun can be a lot of fun. Attempting to achieve that play on words successfully can only be known when I see the reaction in the viewers eyes, on their face or in their laughter. Therein showing me that the imagining effort and ultimate outcome was worth it. This is part of the BIRDS OF A FEATHER exhibit with Rae Blekin, Ellen Reichart and Kate Snow (see post below) at The NorthWind Art Center that hangs through July.