Saturday, February 1, 2020


Haven't been very active in my studio this winter...not very inspired and a bit distracted, dismayed and saddened by what is happening to our country and as a result affecting our foreign relationships around the world and the direction of the political system. However, I will stay optimistic and do all I can to bring our country back to some sense of sanity and support and vote for those I know will keep democracy alive.

But let's leave that subject behind so as to have a brighter outlook. My studio has calling for my attention, for sure, despite my ignoring said calls. It is in much need of clearing-out and freshening-up, thus creating a clean slate to start anew. I am overwhelmed by the prospect of the purge, but will gain more energy for climbing out of hibernation and digging-in as our days get longer with more hours of light...ah, the light...we need that light.

Thanks for sticking with me despite the lack of posts. Keep checking is as I may just surprise you...and thanks for your patience and persistence in pursuing these pages...your attention and support are much appreciated.

Here is a close-up detail of a piece I did a number of years ago... 
BY THE LIGHT OF THE SILVERY MOON -  seems appropriate for the moment.


Thursday, November 7, 2019


Hello? Anyone still out there?
My apologies for being absent...sometimes life, full of facets, pulls us in other directions...
However, here I am to share more of my creative nature...better late than not at all.

Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery is under the guidance of a new director, Steve Tremble, and appears to be moving toward exciting higher visions. They previously went through some rebranding with identity and name changes and the like which resulted in a lot of various pains, but ultimately they've come back to their home-ground and have returned to who they were since they were founded in 1948 and grew from, Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery.

Thier recent October 2019 invitational group show, PAPER: TEXTURE AND FORM, in which I participated, was focused on the versatile applications of paper. Here is the description from the BAC website...
PAPER: TEXTURE AND FORM - The beauty of paper is in the range of possibilities it invites and diversity of work it generates. This is reflected in this exhibition of 17 exceptional artists: Mary Ashton, Danielle Bodine, Jeff Brice, Heather Griffin, Victoria Foster Harrison, Lois James, Linda Jarvis, Tracy Lang, MJ Linford, Linda McClamrock, Nikki McClure, Dorothy McGuinness, Shane Miller, Debbie Peek, Jean-Marie Tarascio, Sande Wascher-James, and Helga Winter.

Artists were asked to write an Artist Statement for this show. This is mine :
I have worked with many natural materials, paper being one of them.  So having been presented with the invitation to participate in the Paper Show, it naturally felt inherent…Paper is a very fascinating material that can be manufactured or created in your kitchen or studio. Handcrafted papers from the pulp of wood or other fibrous materials carry a wonderful quality that can easily be individualized with play and experimentation. Paper’s versatility ranges from being used for drawing, printing,  writing, or for wrapping as well as other artistic and imaginative applications. It is one of my favored media.

The one paper I am most taken by is that of the paper which paper-wasps artistically create displaying color, patterns and fantastic designs born of various wood fibers they collect for building a nest. Intriguingly I have collected many abandoned wasp shelters over the years for use and examination. Undoubtedly, they are superb works of art in and of themselves. Using my inborn intrigue with this amazing raw element of natural material I created INGENIOUS ARCHITECTURE. Envelopment by the artfully crafted fibers creates a residence, a home, a dwelling. 

Nature is miraculous and never ceases to amaze me and keep me in awe. Paper is of nature as are we all.

Linda Jarvis

Much of my work has utilized paper. I've only dabbled in paper-making, but I've collected a various array of art papers, some of which are hard to part with.

This first piece is one that gave me much pleasure and intrigue into the beautiful paper that the industrial paper-wasps make for building their dwellings.

I started with a wonderfully weathered 4 X 4 block of wood I fashioned into a house shape, handcrafted paper for the roof, paper-wasp paper on the surface of the wood, beads for feet and a twig representing where the wasps build their homes. It was my commentary for bringing awareness of our natural world that is being blanketed by human-kind conduct and actions putting our environment, wildlife and various pollinators in jeopardy, thus being smothered, by our ways and negligence.
 This was the beginnings of this piece...applying selected the paper from a wasp nest.
 This image and the one below are close-up shots to show the beauty and intricacy of the wasp paper.
This image is of the finished piece, INGENIOUS ARCHITECTURE.

All my work consists of mixed media. This piece started with a house shape I created from foam-core board with an inset then covered with art paper, 2 bi-fold cardboard pieces for the roof, square brass tube, flat disc beads, poppy pods, brass tacks, sticks, scrabble tiles for feet. In the inset niche I placed the beautiful seed pods of Genus Lunaria, aka Money Plant or Honesty branches. It progressed into my statement with regard to our protecting what is left of our natural world and wilderness'. 
 In studio completing the assembling, placing the seed pod branches within the niche of Nature's Shrine.
Finished piece...NATURE'S SHRINE

I enjoyed playing with the markings or from my perspective, "constellations" on the tissue-paper pattern used for sewing. It is covering foam-core board that I constructed into a house shape, aluminum sheeting for the roof, aluminum foil covered make-up brush, street-sweeper metal brush bristles, tacks, mica for the windows and beads. I am in awe of our continued discoveries of our cosmos and galaxies and stars and planets...oh my!

Last, but certainly not least is RED ALERT! 
This is the beginning of RED ALERT! assembling as I go...As I moved along with it's evolution, it eventually spoke it's message to me progressing into an alarm to the loss of our birds and other wild the practices and behaviors of the human-kind have been diminishing their populations.

Many materials went into bringing this piece to completion...I painted a wooden egg red, added some dead lichen to a twig nest for it to rest in, all then set on a couple of paper discs from fireworks remnants, added feathers, a pastry icing cone, chipboard cone, aged paper-blind paper, wall-paper covered chipboard box, painted handcrafted paper covered chipboard nut container, more feathers set in aluminum tarp rivets, red/black boot lace metal canister top and map pins..

Finished piece, RED ALERT!

The show itself was beautiful and diversified. The opening was well attended, numerous sales, and many questions asked of the artists regarding their work and processes.

Thank you for revisiting this site. I hope I have not discouraged anyone from continuing to visit despite my sometimes being absent with new content...

Remember to click on any image to enlarge it to see more visual detail.

Friday, June 15, 2018


I have not been working in my studio for a long stretch of time now except to water plants and tidy up a bit, as evident from the lack of posts showcasing new work. Meanwhile, I've been asking for some motivation and have had some quiet visitations by my muse in recent days. With that there have been some ideas swirling around in my head born from a culmination of various artists inspirations that have spurred me on. I am presently waiting for more creative influence to stir my imagination and to get my hands on materials to move me forward. I sure have needed a catalyst and some stimulus so it's good to be back in touch with that part of my being. It feels good to have this encouragement and the welcoming pull from my studio to be and dwell there a while. 

Stay tuned...and hopefully it will be worth your return visit.

Thanks again for your interest.

Saturday, June 9, 2018


Thanks to those of you who faithfully keep coming back to check in on what's new...I have been resting my muse for some time now so there isn't much of late to share other than images of pieces from my most recent on

Firstly, I hope this isn't too redundant from my post about the opening night of this I go nevertheless.

I created this piece, entitled PRECIOUS, for the show, CONSIDERING CORVIDAE, that I was part of back in October of last year for Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery, which was closed for two months earlier this year for remodeling and renovation. It is now referred to as The Art Project. Visit their website to see what's new.

I hope this photo captured the essence of PRECIOUS. It was the second piece I created for this show...the first being CORVUS ENVY, posted in the promo announcement previously posted.

As many of us know, the Corvidae family very much like to collect objects, especially those that shine and reflect light and it was my intention that this piece convey that characteristic of this amazing family of intelligent birds.

Both of these pieces found homes pretty straight away, which I am happy about though sadly I didn't get to be acquainted with them for very long...only the connection I made during the creating of them.

PRECIOUS measures 10 X 11.25 X 1.25 and was created in mixed media using acrylic paints and India ink and various found objects.

As you may recall, if you come visit to these pages regularly, this piece below, CORVUS ENVY, was the piece I used in the announcement for the CONSIDERING CORVIDAE show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery, that I mentioned above is now The Art Project.

CORVUS ENVY is a mixed media creation and measures 10 X 10 X 1.75
For more detail information on this piece check out the previous posts.

Be sure to click on the photo to see a larger image.

Thanks for your interest, patience and continued support...

Friday, October 13, 2017


I was so delighted to be a part of this show, honoring the existence of the Crovidae family which is wide in it's variety of birds and covers so much range of our beautiful planet.  

I was unable to attend the opening to the CONSIDERING CORVIDAE exhibit at Bainbridge Arts & Crafts Gallery so I missed the pleasure of visiting with the other artists and attending gallery patrons. The upside is, through various correspondence with me, one of my collectors expressed she had interest in the piece I used in my show announcement (see previous post).  On Thursday morning I delivered my 4 pieces and shared with the staff about the interest in the piece and asked if the gallery would hold it till she could come over from Seattle to see it in person Friday afternoon. Graciously all the stars aligned as she was able to get there moments prior to the opening. It all turned out well for everyone as it seems the piece spoke to her and she is now the new guardian of CORVUS ENVY, pictured below. Thank you so much C.A.


PRECIOUS suggests this mischievous act when light reflected on these treasured items enhances the culprits chances of further irresistible appropriations. The title also comes from the perspective that the diversity of our natural world is precious, special and is of great importance to protect. Photo was taken prior to framing.


DREAMS OF FLIGHT - Again as I mentioned with the PRECIOUS piece, I often wish I had the ability to fly like our world of birds do, so since I haven't yet mastered that quality I created this piece, DREAMS OF FLIGHT, with that notion in mind. 

IDENTITY THEFT - Stellar Jays love to vocally mimic other birds and are quite talented at it. In this piece a Jay is steeling the visual identity of a Raven assuming it may give it more muscle or authority and maybe even tone down the rather unsavory conduct and silence piercing calls it seems so proud to demonstrate. 

I revel in watching these savvy feathered friends with their intrigue and humorous behavior. I am also entranced by their remarkable intelligence and impressed with their genius and mastery of tasks.  This particular species of birds is one of my favored subjects in my work. One of my best-loved sounds of nature is when I am out in my woods and I hear the whu-whu-whu of a raven pushing air against it's wings, breaking the silence the moment it passes over me...what a gift!

In most, if not all, my 3 dimensional pieces, the achievement of depth is my goal. Cutting out my painted illustrations, positioning and extending them  through the matt opening and over the matt, thus overlapping them, brings the subjects a bit closer to the viewer to create curiosity and pique interest…I want the animal or person to come out of the space, off the background surface so as to appear more alive rather than exist on one plane.

Thanks so much to all of you for coming back to view more of my work and read my musings. Your interest is very much appreciated.

Stay tuned to see what may come out of the imagination next.

Also, be sure to click on each image to see it in a larger format.

Monday, October 2, 2017


Hello dear friends and onlookers...I hope all of you who stop by this site to view my blogging entries haven't given up on me. Again, it is hard to believe so much time has passed by since my last post. Life seems so full and so much to do and accomplish. But, here I am posting the announcement of my very soon, upcoming show with a flock, or rather, a murder of artists. I designed this announcement for self-promotion in a program called theprintshop. If you are not familiar with it, it is a very creative can review it here.
It may seem odd, but just to entice you a little bit, I posted the announcement below in it's original size format thus all of it will not be showing... So be sure to click on the image to reveal the full page...the full monty! 

If you are on Bainbridge Island during the month of October and you have time, stop by the Bainbridge Island Arts & Crafts Gallery in Winslow. You will be so glad you did.  They represent numerous talents from around the Pacific Northwest. The CONSIDERING CORVIDAE exhibit will run through the 29th.
While in town, if you have not been there already, another definite must-see, go-to destination in Winslow, is BIMA, the Bainbridge Island Museum of Art...we are so very lucky to have such a beautiful museum for the visual arts and as well as other expressions of art. Thank you Cynthia!

Thank you, again, for all your support and frequent visits and not giving up on me. I am grateful to all of my audience and appreciate your interest in my work.

Stay tuned for more about the pieces I have in this show...

Remember to click on the announcement to see it in a full page.


Thursday, January 26, 2017


Well, it is hard to believe it has been 3 months since I last posted...I took a blog break and a creative break while trying to recover from the election results, the holidays, and witnessing January zipping by and it has all caused me to pause and reflect a bit. I have come to realize I have still been climbing out of my grieving for the loss of my mom, over 2 years ago now, and that lingers in the wake. The experience profoundly changed me.

All has been a slow journey. As far as my pursuit of re-entering creative energy, I guess the quest for a clean studio has been a good therapy for me, long and drawn out, I might I need more than I thought? Hmmm. Each time I step into my studio I seek a sense of what is needed to bring me to a place where I can tap my imagination again to stir up the next new piece.  So, I am tidying, purging, and reorganizing my work stations, a meditation of sorts, so I can think clearly and invite my muse to revisit me within all the chaos of our country, the world and within my studio. I have to say it is feeling really good to see beyond the disarray and confusion in this special space.

Creating again will be my next phase of therapy, tapping in to the realm of inspiration and creative artistry for healing and hopefully bringing healing to world outside me. Plus, there is the rising up, doing what needs to be done and by resisting...all are definitely included in holding a vision for our world. When I googled the term, "We will rise up", I happened to come across a Christian group that recorded a song by that title. Their group name is Soulfire Revolution. How perfect a title, if one were needed, for our movement at present!  Our souls are on fire and our voices must be strong and we must and will rise up!

"The Future depends on what we do in the Present"
     -Mahatma Gandhi
More wise musings...

Addendum: I am adding this quote that was just shared with me today (1/30/17) by my good friend and artist, Shane Miller, as we ponder our actions towards changing the injustices that have been blanketed upon this world by our current "president". It goes hand in hand with the other above quotes...
"Do not lose awareness of the suffering that is going on in the world. Nourish that kind of awareness by whatever means possible: images, direct contact, visits, and so on. We have to do that in order to keep both the awareness of the suffering and compassion alive in us. But experiencing too much suffering is not good. Any medicine must be taken in the proper dosage. We need to stay in touch with suffering only to the extent that we will not forget. Then compassion will flow within us and be a source of energy that we can transform into action."    - Thich Nhat Hanh 

Image result for Thich Nhat Hanh photoImage result for Thich Nhat Hanh photo

 Then I became determined to find more quotes by those who have been showing us the way to bravery, peace and freedom...and on this quest the first person who came to mind was Malala Yousafzai. We are the ONE voice and with our numbers ever increasing, we become loader and magnified.

Image result for malala quotes   Image result for malala

And then all our other sisters and many not shown...

Image result for maya angelou quotes still i rise       Image result for maya angelou quotes still i rise

Image result for famous women leadership quotes  Image result for famous women leadership quotes


Thursday, November 10, 2016


It has been so enriching to reflect back on the fun we had during the weekend of our Artist Studio Sale with our fellow artists as we once again created a gallery like atmosphere in GreyBird Barn. The wonderful visiting crowds were numerous and wonderful despite the rain on Saturday that kept things a bit moist, but our spirits were high from all the generous words about our event. To quote Shane Miller, whose wonderful barn we inhabit every fall..."Over and over again we heard, "I never knew this little piece of paradise was down this road" ... "such a unique and talented group of artists" ... "I love your barn" ... "what an intimate setting for an art sale" ... "love the cookies." I was, and still am, overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness." The guests attendance and enthusiasm both days kept the barn warm and comfy.

All our efforts as a group go into preparing the grounds and barn to make it really shine. Then Saturday comes and it's time to throw open the barn doors to reveal our magical, creative space, in it's morphed glory.  We have been at this for 7 years now so each year makes the event even better than the last. We all gather one day prior to the sale where we expend time and energy grooming the grounds and transforming the barn. It is a group effort and we all work really well together sharing the load and chores. In the below photo we are taking a lunch break before we get back to stacking wood, weed eating, raking leaves and grass, hedge trimming, sweeping out the barn of saw dust and spider webs and staging the pathway to the barn with wonderful galvanized metal items collected by Shane and buckets of fresh picked apples off the generous King apple tree on sight, and enticing, colorful flags to lure in curious passersby. 

Loran with my Ruby, Diane and her Peaches, Lynn, me, and my sister, Wendy...
who gives her all to help us each year. We are so grateful to have her help and her giving spirit. 
Not pictured is Shane, taking the photo.

Once we load in our goods and set up the barn in our designated areas we transform GreyBird Barn's interior into a wondrous and enchanting space in hopes to delight the senses of our visiting guests.  As you can see the barn and it's surroundings takes on a whole new look once this gang is through with it. 

Our welcoming path to GreyBird Barn

Entering the barn

My space as you walk in, with Wendy, Bob and Shane shooting pics. That's her display in the back

My display and our "such a steal" bargain table on the right

Day 2 - empty wall spaces within my display
(As Martha would say, "that's a good thing") 

Shane Miller with her etched metal narrative boxes and jewelry
plus some new digital images not pictured. You can see them on her artist blog

Lynn Anju with her beautiful display of etched jewelry with beautiful stones

Loran Scruggs in her dazzling repurposed tin works of art 
and fun bottle cap creations

Diane Haddon showing her wonderful found object sculpture and fanciful collages
and big selection of post cards showing her images (Donna Snow and Diana Cronin looking on)

More images from the two day event...


Diane and Peaches go for a walk-about on rainy day Saturday


Our friend, Victoria Josslin, who is now retired from Bainbridge Arts 
and Crafts Gallery, visiting with Diane Saturday

Potter and good friend, Diana Cronin and Diane, posing it up on Sunday, day 2

An artistic environment within GreyBird Barn

The view from my vantage point within my booth

This is Rick Dennison, Lynn Anju's husband. He was our weekend warrior aka our super hero of the weekend...He gave us so much with a big heart. Before the weekend ever started, Rick came and helped Shane stack her firewood for a day ... and he also set up and picked up all our signs on the highway and along the route leading to our event... and to top it off, directed visitors as to where to park their cars for 2 days (even in the rain on Saturday!) ... all without any complaints. What a trooper! A HUGE THANK YOU to Rick for all his help and generous giving. 

Diane, Shane, Wendy in the center (our other giving and mighty helper-THANK YOU again Wendy! Nearly every year she has come to assist us and help us in multiple ways for which we are forever grateful!), Lynn, me, and Loran
An additional special big thank you to Wendy...Besides many other chores, she helped with prep-work, refreshed our cookie supply and kept the warm cider dispenser full for us during the weekend.
Another big thanks to Libby Wennstrom for the big article in the PT Leader...Thank you Libby!

Thanks to those who were able to visit our event and perusing this post.