Tuesday, September 21, 2010


With all the thievery we see in the behavior of crows and ravens, keeping an eye on all our shiny objects, such as keys, would be diligent on our part, lest we lose them to these clever Corvidaes. I revel in watching these savvy feathered critters. This particular species of birds is one of my favorite subjects, as you may have seen from my previous posts. I am entranced by their intelligence and impressed with their genius and mastery of tasks. MID-NIGHT THIEF suggests this mischievous act, when, in the night, the objects become lit by the moon's bright light, enhancing their chances of further, irresistible appropriations.

For this piece I used a wonderful block of wood with diminishing red paint. I have a fetish, of sorts, for weathered remnants of painted wood I pick up on our beaches. They possess so much character and bring interesting qualities when used in various applications and seem to have revealing stories within them.

MID-NIGHT THIEF is another fairly small piece. It is a wall piece, though this photo was taken as it sat on it's base. I like the shadows it cast on the backdrop. It now resides with friends Kate and Ned Schuman who are big supporters of the arts on the Olympic Peninsula. Thank you both for your continued interest in my work!