Thursday, June 6, 2013


This is one of the pieces I created for the "boat" show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery in Winslow. 

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The opening for this show is coming up this Friday, June 7, 2013, in Winslow, Bainbridge Island Washington. Most of the artists will be present to visit with and talk story over their pieces, more than likely finding the answer to the question: where do artists go when they take to the sea? Everywhere, and they'll carry you along from the ends of the earth to the far reaches of their imaginations with paintings, sculpture, prints, and collage.

Artists included in this exhibition are: Harry Ableman, Sam Garriott Antonacci, Cameron Bahnson, Morgan Brig, Ken Brookner, Tom Case, Deb Casso, Damon Edwards, Sandy Hurd, Linda Jarvis, Leigh  Knowles, Gregory Kono, Colleen Meacham, Shane Miller, Chandler O'Leary, Gregg Onewein, Donna Snow, Jessica Spring, Luke Tornatzky, Veronica Todd, Diane Walker, and Kay Walsh.  
Come by if you can. It runs through July 1 if you can't make the reception.

Image is FULL SAIL - THAT - A- WAY! 11-1/8 H X 17 L X 3-1/8 W

Remember to click on the photo for a larger image.