Friday, June 6, 2008


Since my two dear friends and very talented artist comrades, Shane and Helga, and I hang out together regularly to talk about art, our careers and how to support one another we thought it would be fitting that we create a show as a trio. Our work compliments each others so well it felt like a natural. We came up with the title THREE ARTISTS, THREE WOMEN, THREE FRIENDS as it described our relationship so simply . We will exhibit at KOBO in Seattle's International District through July 19th with the opening reception on Saturday, June 21st, 6-8 p.m. You can read a bit about our work and backgrounds here on KOBO's web-site. KOBO has a very interesting history and I encourage you to read about it. We are looking forward to see many familiar and unfamiliar faces at the opening, so hopefully you live nearby and can come by and say hello.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This photo was taken at Childhood's End Gallery in Olympia where this piece was in a grouping of several I was showing. The theme of the show, as you may have read on a recent post, was Stories, Myths and Legends. It was a wonderful show full of exceptional work by very talented artists from around the region.
This piece has a story about an artist . . .

She lived near a small village at the edge of the thick woods on Constellation Lane. Being an artist of versatility, the notion of residing on a travel-way named after clusters of stars and planets inspired her to start painting the exterior of her house with her own constellations. Late one evening while she was painting, her brush slipped away from the side of the house and swept skyward into the black vastness . . . to her amazement new constellations began to appear. It was like magic or wizardry. She kept moving her brush against the sky like she was conducting an orchestra. Each stroke brought new stars to the life of the night sky and would forever remain.

Along with the other exhibitors were my two artist comrades, Helga Winter, with her sensuous, tactile turned wood vessels, and spheroids and Shane Miller showing her photo-etched metal, narrative boxes that will captivate you. Here are some examples of their extraordinary work.

PAINTING THE NIGHT SKY was created with foam chore board, dress pattern tissue, aluminum tubing, make-up brush wrapped inaluminum tape, hammered aluminum sheeting, mica, beads, tacks and o-rings.