Monday, August 30, 2010


This piece, STARLIT GAZES, is a much smaller 2D piece and unusual for me to render, but I had fun bringing it about. It is a simple piece, yet still has depth to it as I put spacers between the glass and the matte with additional spacers between the matte and the art itself (not shown-the photo of this image was taken before I nestled it into the frame) I enjoyed working in this smaller format (once framed it measured 9" X 9") and hope to do more. The next piece I will be posting is small in nature also, but in an assemblage composition.

This was the first piece to sell at the BIRDS OF A FEATHER exhibit at Northwinds, a recent show mentioned in previous posts. I am happy to say it now resides with a friend and fellow local artist, painter and illustrator, Max Grover, along with his cats in his very fun and artful home. I can understand why he was drawn to this piece since his paintings are so whimsically fun, colorful and playful. You can see more of Max's work at his web-site. His motto is Fun Art for the Serious Mind. I like that.
Thanks Max. I am delighted and flattered you connected with STARLIT GAZES.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Here is another wordplay as I venture to twist the original expression, Rabbit Proof Fence, into my own, in FENCE PROOF RABBIT. It seems that what we try to do to control nature or other situations we think we have control over, nature ultimately, in most cases, wins and possibly with catastrophic results. Basically, in this piece, I just like the notion that the rabbit is not confined or restricted by a man-made obstacle.
Thanks again to friend, Ned Schumann for taking the photo of this piece during the BIRDS OF A FEATHER exhibit. I like the shadowy quality as it shows it's depth.
Remember clicking on the image will enlarge it.

Friday, August 13, 2010


This is a wonderful shot of BEEFRIENDING against the vibrant wall at Northwinds Art Center taken during the BIRDS OF A FEATHER exhibit, photographed by Ned Schumann, a friend and the founder of OlympusNet.
I love how the chair pops out off the vivid red wall and the shadows it creates from the gallery lights illuminating it. This is the piece that is on the pedestal that Ellen and I flank in the previous post's photo, also taken by Ned during our Artist Talk.