Monday, October 28, 2013


  A couple of weeks have past us by since this year's Greybird Barn Artist Open Studio event took place. Many visitors came through the doors to see all the new work by the 6 artists who participated this year.... Shane Miller, Lynn Anju,Diana Cronin, me, Linda Jarvis, Paula Gill and Sue Skelly. Take a look at some of the memories we created over the weekend. If you weren't able to stop by for a visit with the artists and view their wares, sip on a cup of hot apple cider, partake of one of *Rick's dark chocolate brownies or a delectable homemade cookie baked up by our master-cookie-maker, Carrie and her cookie-making-assistant, Ari, then let's hope you can come by next year. 
*Though we did not capture a photo of Rick, Lynn's husband and assistant, he was our event prepping co-worker, our welcoming greeter and parking director. 

Paula in the midst of last minute set-up of her playful Tiles from her Red Step Studio just before we opened the doors

 Diana Cronin's gallery space display with Shane and customers beyond

 Diana with a customer next to her wonderfully colorful pottery. Cynthia, friend and GreyBird Barn enthusiast & helper looking on...

Me, Linda, in disguise in front of my gallery space

Friend and first time visitor, Barbara Berger and me in front of my gallery space...with friend, Cynthia, intensely observing to my left and customer looking at cards and prints to my right 

Lynn's beautiful display with her etched silver jewelry pieces, some of which are enameled and her copper etched lamp shades

 Bright and cheerful Lynn in her gallery space

 Lynn and Shane preparing cider, brownies and cookies

 Paula in front of her gallery space with admiring customer looking on

 Paula's painterly tiles of NW scenes

Paula's gallery space set up

Eslbeth exclaiming to Paula Gill about her varied tile selections 

Shane Miller's gallery space with etched metal narrative boxes, artist books, sculptures and etched silver jewelry 

 Shane's jewelry on display stands

 Shane's table with metal etched books,and sculpture not to mention her vintage toy truck holding her biz cards 

 Jean-Marie studying one of Shane's photo etched narrative boxes, Looking For Open Water.

A glimpse of Sue Skelly during the pre-show set up of her vintage button wearables...

 Kathleen, Zo, Les and Sue in Sue's gallery space explaining her process of harvesting cedar from her property and how she weaves the cedar

Sue's exquisite cedar work

Sue at right with Barbara Berger and customer.
With her vintage button wearables in the background

 I dub this Sue and baby Gourdy

Friends...Sue, Cynthia and me, Linda

 The 2013 GreyBird Barn accomplices and fellow comrades 
at the end of the event.
Paula, Linda, Sue, Diana [front] Shane and Lynn

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Thursday, October 17, 2013


It was another wonderful event in the belly of GreyBird Barn. If you missed the great article that Shane wrote for our group that appeared in the Jefferson County/Port Townsend Leader Oct. 9th, here it is in below. Stay tuned for some photo highlights of the weekend.

Annual studio sale features six local artists

Greybird Barn, a rustic studio, is transformed into a charming gallery setting for the fifth annual artist studio sale, held from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 12-13. 

With a cup of hot cider and a homemade cookie in hand, there is no better way to visit with the six participating artists, learn about their techniques, celebrate the arrival of fall and watch the barn come alive with energy.

Greybird Barn is the working studio of Shane Miller; it is in this space that she creates photo-etched sterling silver jewelry and narrative wall-hung boxes. Longtime Greybird friends Lynn Anju, Diana Cronin and Linda Jarvis are joined this year by first-time participants Paula Gill and Sue Skelly.

Five years ago, Miller and artist Jarvis dreamed, schemed and gave birth to the idea of having a studio sale with friends. The rustic barn, the Farmall Cub tractor named Bliss and the old ’52 Dodge pickup called Baladeuce all lend their charm to the autumnal setting. 
“Beyond our wildest dreams this event has turned into such a celebration and community gathering of like-minded people,” Miller says. 

Greybird Barn is located at 11 Carroll Ave., off Highway 20 about three miles outside of Port Townsend. Visitors should watch for signs posted beside the road. A friendly crocodile sculpture welcomes guests with open arms to the property.  
Paula Gill of Red Step Studio in Bremerton creates handmade ceramic art tiles, with each one being an original that is carved by hand. These tiles depict scenes of birds, flowers and bugs in the garden, chickens and orca whales, and images that elicit fond memories of a favorite road trip. With a wire embedded in the back of each tile, they can be hung alone or in groups on an interior wall, or add a bright note of color to your garden fence and patio wall. 
Sue Skelly of Poulsbo has been a collector of all things unique, eclectic and wonderful since an early age. One thing she simply can’t pass by are vintage buttons of all kinds. Skelly fashions these buttons into unique and charming necklaces and can often pass along some history about the buttons in each creation. 
She is also an artist born of the land. Skelly uses cedar in all its forms to create pillows, larger-than-life carved sewing needles, spheres, ornaments for the garden and more. Unique would be an understatement in describing her work. 

Using techniques such as photo etching and enameling, Lynn Anju creates beautifully crafted jewelry and etched metal items for the home. All of her designs originate as drawings, which are then transferred to the various metals and etched using an electrolytic process that involves saltwater and a charger. Anju’s inspiration comes from the natural world, medieval European tapestries and armor.

Diana Cronin of Egg and I Pottery is known for her bright colors and energetic designs. 
From her studio, located on historic Egg and I Road in Chimacum, Cronin hand-throws functional porcelain pots on a potter’s wheel and then carefully decorates each piece with food-safe glazes. Her love of color comes from having grown up in Miami, Fla., where she spent most of her free time snorkeling around coral reefs and studying marine specimens. 
Her style is one of a kind, and her bright palette has become her signature.

Each year, Linda Jarvis looks forward to this gathering of artists and community. “It has been wonderful to see how it has evolved over the years since its inception,” Jarvis says. “The environment that is created within this setting is fun and energizing.” 

Her background in commercial art and her studies in the fine arts have provided her with a broad mix of disciplines and media. Painting animals and working with a collection of reusable found objects, Jarvis juxtaposes them into assemblages and sculpture, often with a hint of humor and a bit of mystery. 

A Wizard's Wagon of Words, Wisdom and Wonder

Friday, September 27, 2013


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Once again it's time to celebrate the arrival of fall and the making of art. It's hard to believe that almost 5 years ago, Shane Miller (my friend and art conspirator) and I, after many contemplative conversations decided to organize the first GreyBird Barn Studio Sale in Shane's beautiful barn. Tempest Fugit, as time often does, and here we are about to celebrate the 5th year of the ARTIST STUDIO SALE AT GREYBIRD BARN.

There are six artists represented again this year with two being new to the event, Paula Gill and Sue Skelly. Both are dear friends and wonderful artists and it's just going to be great to get to spend a weekend with them. For the rest of us old barn sale, Linda Jarvis...Shane Miller...Lynn Anju...and Diana Cronin, we say, "bring it on once again". We are all ready for a grand weekend of visiting with old friends and new...sneaking a homemade cookie or two...watching the plethora of apples turning red on the King apple tree...laughing...and sharing our art. If you live in the area or just want to spend a sweet day or weekend in Port Townsend, come by and see us. We will be here October 12th and 13th from 10am to 4pm.

Directions: As you head out of town from Port Townsend on HWY 20, watch for our signs. Turn on Fredericks St. and make a left on Otto and wind down to the bottom of the hill. Turn left into the driveway where a silver crocodile (my mailbox holder) welcomes you to GreyBird Barn. Can't wait to see you!!!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


This show opens  Friday, August 2, 2013, at the beautiful Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery in Winslow, Bainbridge Island Washington. It will run through September 2. It is a very diverse show with numerous Port Townsend artists participating...

Artists include: Sam Garriott Antonacci, Lynn Brunelle, Michael Felber, Denise Harris, Sandy Hurd, Linda Jarvis, Susan Lowdermilk, Kathleen McKeehen, Catherine Alice Michaelis, Shane Miller, Michiko Olson, Julie Paschkis, Deborah Peek, Sally Robison, Anna von Rosenstiel, Lynnette Sandbloom, Chele Shepard, Cameron Snow, Kathleen Snow, Jessica Spring, Leah Tarleton, Jennifer Umphress, Shu-Ju Wang, and Susan Wiersema.

Thursday, June 6, 2013


This is one of the pieces I created for the "boat" show at Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery in Winslow. 

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


The opening for this show is coming up this Friday, June 7, 2013, in Winslow, Bainbridge Island Washington. Most of the artists will be present to visit with and talk story over their pieces, more than likely finding the answer to the question: where do artists go when they take to the sea? Everywhere, and they'll carry you along from the ends of the earth to the far reaches of their imaginations with paintings, sculpture, prints, and collage.

Artists included in this exhibition are: Harry Ableman, Sam Garriott Antonacci, Cameron Bahnson, Morgan Brig, Ken Brookner, Tom Case, Deb Casso, Damon Edwards, Sandy Hurd, Linda Jarvis, Leigh  Knowles, Gregory Kono, Colleen Meacham, Shane Miller, Chandler O'Leary, Gregg Onewein, Donna Snow, Jessica Spring, Luke Tornatzky, Veronica Todd, Diane Walker, and Kay Walsh.  
Come by if you can. It runs through July 1 if you can't make the reception.

Image is FULL SAIL - THAT - A- WAY! 11-1/8 H X 17 L X 3-1/8 W

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Thursday, May 23, 2013


all rights reserved by the artist © 2015
all rights reserved by the artist © 2015

The above image is of another piece, 
A WIZARD’S WAGON OF WORDS, WISDOM AND WONDER, which stands about 5.5" tall by 4" X 4.5" that was exhibited at Northwinds Arts Center during the duration of Coming Unbound: Book As Sculpture, in April 2013, with 11 artists: Renee Bush, Mary-Ellen Campbell, Linda Jarvis, Gloria Lamson, Counsel Langley, Carolyn Law, Shane Miller, Jean-Marie Tarascio, Rebecca Welti, Joan Wenske, and Helga Winter, which of course has come and gone now, sorry if you missed seeing was a wonderful show (please refer to previous posts for more information and see a glimpse of the show via this video by Daneau Video Productions). 

Three pieces, including this piece above, A WIZARD’S WAGON OF WORDS, WISDOM AND WONDER and JOURNALS OF A WANDERING TRAVELER and REFUGE WITHIN, both featured in previous posts below, will be on exhibit through July at the grand opening of the newly and beautifully remodeled Jefferson County Library in Port Hadlock, WA which will take place June 3rd and a grand opening celebration will be held Sunday, June 9 from 2 - 5 pm.  The event will feature local performers Harmonica Pocket, the Chimacum High School Jazz Band, Jim Nyby and the Unexpected Brass Band, and Franco Bertucci and James Porter of Locust Street Taxi

Other pieces that will be on exhibit at the Jefferson County Library will be small works by a friend and fellow artist, Shane Miller, also shown at the Coming Unbound: Book As Sculpture at Northwinds Arts Center. See these works as well as others on her blog site, Uncommonworks. Come by to see our work, our new Library and join the fun of the grand opening!

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Saturday, April 27, 2013


This is one of four pieces I crafted for the book show, Coming Unbound: Book As Sculpture, at Northwind Arts Center in Port Townsend. I titled it JOURNALS OF A WANDERING TRAVELER. The roof is made from a dear, small book I happened to have 2 of so I sacrificed one to put a roof on my small, wheeled, mobile shelter. I usually do not like to mutilate books as I feel they are a precious and important part of our culture, of our human experience, but adding this small book to this piece felt OK or maybe I am just rationalizing....
The small journals (below) that slide into the hollow cavity on the front of the shelter are 2 that I made especially for this piece.

The dimensions of this piece are approximately 8" X 4" X 4". Click on photos for larger image.
Thanks for checking in and be sure to come back to see another piece from this show I will be posting in the near future.

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Thursday, April 4, 2013


Throughout its remarkable history the book has been a means to transporting ideas, messages, and thoughts. It has been an intriguing vehicle for reflection and communication, a formidable object. It has been banned, burned, collected, censored, hidden, sworn upon, quoted, treasured, adorned, discarded, chained, praised, and threatened extinction.

In the art exhibit Coming Unbound eleven artists explore the concept of “book” as inspiration in unique and personalized ways to convey their artistic messages.

Artists invited to participate in the Coming Unbound: Book As Sculpture are: Renee Bush, Mary-Ellen Campbell, Linda Jarvis, Gloria Lamson, Counsel Langley, Carolyn Law, Shane Miller, Jean-Marie Tarascio, Rebecca Welti, Joan Wenske, and Helga Winter. Stop by the Northwind Arts Center gallery at 2409 Jefferson Street, Port Townsend for the opening April 6th, 5:30-8 or
Thursday - Monday Noon - 5pm.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


all rights reserved by the artist © 2015
This is another piece for the COMING UNBOUND: BOOK AS SCULPTURE show that is opening this Saturday, April 6th at Northwind Arts Center that I mentioned in my previous post.  I wish I had taken some photos of the small journals as I was creating them. It was a fun process and the first time I have built a book using signatures. It is quite a process and makes me respect books and bookmakers even more now.

This piece is one I call JOURNALS OF A WANDERING TRAVELER. It is approximately 7" tall and 4" X 4" when the journals aren't pulled out at all.

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And thank you for coming back to see what comes forth from my studio in the woods.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


all rights reserved by the artist © 2015

all rights reserved by the artist © 2015

After a long quiet time of few or no words or visuals, I am once again here to greet you from the birthing canal of the Spring Equinox...the signs of spring are everywhere and I feel like I am rebirthing from, not quite dormancy, but perhaps a slothish winter retreat. But with more sunny days, buds are being pushed open with emerging flowers, there's the uprising of underground sleeping plant life and, of course, the heart full twitters of returning birds seeking mates while flittering about collecting remnants for garnering their nests, I am happily embracing it all with open arms and senses. 

Of late I have been gestating ideas for a BOOK show which opens April 6th at the Northwind Arts Center in Port TownsendWith the nearing D Day (Delivery Day) on April 2nd and I am diligently at work on numerous pieces simultaneously and recently completed this one above, REFUGE WITHIN. 

My relationship with books has been a vehicle of sorts in which I am taken away from my daily life providing a gateway to imagination within a world of words.  Bringing the idea of books into a sculptural concept, to tell a story without words, has stretched my creativity provoking a way to visualize books as a metaphor. In my first approach (below, REFUGE WITHIN) I found that fabricating a book to resemble a tree as a safe haven was profoundly symbolic to me. 

Books have a way of taking us places in our creative aspects very much like art does. This project, titled Coming Unbound: Book As Sculpturepresented me with some challenges by testing my inventiveness. My use of natural and found elements lent themselves well to create and express books in a sculptural art form which expanded my artistic sensibilities and has opened up my imagination much like opening a book.

The cover of the book was made using some bark covered plywood given to me by a multi-facted, fellow artist friend, Ron. I darkened the edges to blend witlh the color of the bark. The pages were assembled with old computer paper I cut to the desired size, then cutout the niche to house the nest I fashioned out of lichen. I made and painted a polymer clay egg to rest in the lichen. I then tea dyed the pages to give them an antiquated feel and look. And what is a tree without I set foot outside my studio door into our moist woods and gleaned some old, dead Salal branches, scraped off the bark and discovered a dark surface that continued the cohesiveness of overall color.

If you are in the Port Townsend area April 6th drop into the Northwind Arts Center for the opening 5:30 to 8pm. It will be hanging through April 29th.  Visit the Northwind Arts Center for more information.

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Monday, February 11, 2013


Seems I have been absent from posting. This post is just to say hello, happy new year, happy solstice, happy hopes for spring...
I will post something more interesting soon...stay tuned.