Monday, November 23, 2009


Well, time has lapsed since my last post . . . my apologies for the delay. However, this is a follow up to my last post.
This Artist Studio Tour was another adventure in presenting ourselves and our work to our community. Here I am standing at the open barn doors during the early pre-tour hours. After completing our set up, we were all contemplating what the weekend would bring as 3 out of 4 of us had not participated in the Port Townsend Artist Studio Tour before other than our own Barn Sale previously this past summer in June.

Here we are witnessing the quiet before the storm, a view of my work after set up before the crowds arrived.

Here we are getting our signage all together so our visitors can find us easily.

The sun came out after a night of drizzle and a morning of cool fog. Walking into GreyBird barn was like walking into a gallery of sorts. We were, once again as with our June sale, very happy with our set up as it welcomed visitors into a very creative space.

If moving clockwise through the space my work appeared, then
Diana Cronin's wonderful, colorful pottery at the right and below.

This tour gave us the opportunity to show our process first hand as to how we create and answer questions visitors may have had. Above I am explaining my drawing and painting technique and the use of found elements.

Diana at work demonstrating painting glaze onto a piece of pottery and Shane documenting the affair. Shane's photo-etched metal narrative boxes and jewelry are on the panels behind her.

Here again you can see more of Shane Miller's work and in the foreground is the display of Diane Gale's earthy and imaginative ceramic works.

Diane had her wheel on site to give a hands-on demo of how she builds her various ceramic pieces and discussed the wood fire process.

Though I could not partake in these yummy looking goodies, I had to share this artful plate that was so generously gifted to us by our friend, Carrie. She baked these and much more for our tour guests. We were the talk of the town, not only for our great artistic barn presentation, but also for these delicious offerings.

My dear mom (90 years old! would you believe) and sister. They were 2 of our many happy guests warming up with hot cider that we also offered our guests.

Here we are. The troupe. From left to right is Shane Miller, Wendy Jarvis (our angel and my sister who helped us again with giving so much of herself during setup, the weekend and striking), Linda Jarvis (that's me), Diane Gale and Diana Cronin.

Over all we were very happy with the weekend, the 11th annual Port Townsend Studio Tour. The tour encompassed 47 different studios open to the public and again, Shane's GreyBird Barn turned out to be a perfect venue for the 4 of us to present our works to the community and out of town visitors. The turn out was fantastic with 265 visitors coming through during the two day studio tour. I also want to thank 2 out of town friends, one who I have known since kindergarden, who came all the way from Redmond.

We are looking to the future to next June on the solstice weekend for our 2nd Annual Artist Studio Barn Sale at GreyBird Barn. Stay tuned.