Tuesday, May 22, 2012




This piece was photographed prior to it's completion, so if you are looking closely, it may strike you as having an incomplete look to it. I started with a sketch of a red fox on heavy weight, acid-free vellum, then came in with various washes, then moved forward painting layers upon layers of acrylic paint and colored pencil to capture the essence of the fox's fur.  A second piece of vellum was adhered to the painting to create more rigidity. Once adhered I used a sharp X-acto knife to cut out the fox. I put spacers between the background and the glass. The fox image sits between two narrower spacer at the bottom so it "floats" within the 1" deep frame, away from the background. The moon is a found object that has a dark, mottled, textured color to it.

In BEWITCHED BY THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON, the fox appears mesmerized by the mystery and magic of the shadowy, darker side of the moon which we, from time to time, get to witness but perhaps not as full as depicted. It measures 8" X 10".

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This piece, MOONLIT REPOSE, is again of a red fox having a still, quiet moment under the fullness of the moon, which is thick, heavy, pulpy paper that I painted to resemble the moon's surface. It measures 10" X 10".

You may have noticed in the previous posts that I have been using cradle boards/artist panels (a wood panel with sides that can be 1/8th inch deep to 2 inches deep). I have been experimenting to see if this is a surface I want to pursue indefinitely or occasionally...we shall see.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012


The Nature of Things opened with a good steady crowd to the very end of the evening. Along with the interested public, many friends and family members attended to support the artists so it was a wonderful time for talking art, techniques, and simply catching up.

The show is beautiful with many thanks going to  Jay Haskins, print-maker and Northwinds Arts Center's gallery manager, whose eye for placement and grouping of artists' work as he hangs a show is exceptional (hanging help from Don Tiller. It is one of his paintings that graces the front of the Northwind Arts Gallery - see photo).

Our work goes very well together so it flows with a nice continuity to it. The four of us all have an affinity and reverence for the natural and mysterious. You will notice that crows, ravens, various other birds, dogs, and other wonderful animals appear in our work in various scenarios evoking emotion and laughter.

The two pieces I posted previously on March 12th, Looking For a Place to Call Home, and March 24th, Seeking Reflection, sold the day before so it opened up and moved the energy to generate more sales for me, Rae, Ellen and Kathleen. Ellen Reichart sold 2 pieces opening night. We're holding visions of more red dots for Kathleen Snow and Rae Belkin and all of us for that matter. We all worked diligently to make this show as beautiful as it is.

If you are in the area I hope you can get by the gallery. For more info on the Northwind Arts Center click here.

Thanks to all who came out to see the show Saturday during the opening and throughout the duration of the show...May 4 through 27, 2012.