Wednesday, June 24, 2009


GreyBird Barn hovering in the calm before the welcomed storm.

In my previous post I mentioned that a group of five artists birthed the idea of an Artist Studio Sale at Shane's GreyBird Barn. After much preparatory work Shane's barn was transformed into an intimate gallery setting. The art-enthused visitors flowed through in a steady stream both days. We are all so pleased with the results of this event. It has grounded itself as the first of many studio sales we will present at Shane's GreyBird Barn. The weekend was full of art collectors as well as those who came to observe and offer their valued words of appreciation and praise. Thank you to all who stopped by over the weekend to help make our affair have a favorable outcome. AND to all who helped weave it all together and offered help throughout the weekend. There are not enough words to express our appreciation and gratitude.
A personal note of thanks and huge amounts of gratitude to my dear sister, Wendy, who was at my side helping haul, hang, and break down the show as well as making and bringing me lunch and preparing other various meals. Wendy, you brought lightness and laughter, love and support to a task that would not have been as much fun without you. THANK YOU from the wholeness of my heart.

Entering GreyBird Barn Studio/Gallery

My work, Linda Jarvis

A little bit of me (foreground left), Lynn Anju, Shane Miller and Diane Gale (foreground right)

Again, a little bit of me (foreground left), Shane Miller and Diane Gale

Diane (foreground), Lynn (left) and Shane (back)

Beverly Saito

The Artists - Me (Linda), Lynn, Silas (Beverly's Husband/the zen man), Diane, and Shane

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


For a number of years now the artists in my artist support and discussion group have passed the idea around about having a studio sale with a few artist friends in Shane's barn. So finally a couple of months ago the topic came up again in our art group about really taking the steps to actually make a studio sale happen in her barn. We hope it can be the kind of thing where we could have it year after year on the same weekend and create a following. After a lot of organizing and a lot of work pulling it all together the sale will take place this weekend! A wonderful group of 5 talented artists will be gathered at Shane's GreyBird Barn to display and sell their work.

All the participating artists have contributed hugely . . . Lynn, Diane and Beverly were in charge of making the sandwich board signs . . . I designed and created the postcard, flyers and email announcements and everyone helped in distributing flyers, especially Lynn . . . Marilyn, a friend of Beverly's wrote an article for us and Shane did some final touches and tweaking plus the distribution to the various publications. These are just some of the efforts we have put forth to create this event. Many generous friends have helped make this affair possible . . . unexpected gravel shoveled into the ruts in her driveway . . . homemade cookies and lemonade for the duration of the sale . . . help with chainsawing up a bunch of logs that were in the way . . . and many hands helping make her property look presentable. Many heartfelt thanks to everyone.

If you are in the neighborhood stop by for some cookies and lemonade and a chance to see some exceptional art for your home and/or office and don't forget your gift list.

We are doing this event in conjunction with another group of artists in Chimacum at Egg & I Pottery. 8 potters in various disciplines will have their goods on display and for sale.