Friday, August 14, 2015


 - R O A D    T R I P - 
Air Streams, Tear Drops and Trucks . . . a fun and diversified exhibit currently showing
in Winslow, Bainbridge Island, for the month of August

The opening that took place Friday, August 7th, went well with lots of art 
appropriators in attendance with inquisitive questions and inquiries and the cherry on top, red . dots. 

•     •     •

My piece, JULES VERNE’S LAND CRUISER, shown below, was one of 7 sculptures counting the 3 imaginative digital photo composites by Shane Miller that are 3D wall pieces. You must stop by and see. You'll see prints, paintings, photographs and sculptures depicting scenes from various visions from ROAD TRIPS. 
Here are a couple of the sketches I made for this piece. 
I decided that a Jules Verne vessel would be self propelled and not be towed as a trailer so I changed the construction of the mode of movement thus using 4 wheels. The final result is what you see below.

      copyright 2015 © all rights reserved by the artist

For many years I've been fascinated and attracted to the design, shape and the reflectivity of silver skinned trailers like vintage Air Streams, Silver Streaks, Tear Drops and other nostalgic land vessels.  My husband is as well. He took on the artistically creative task of reconditioning a 33 foot 1974 Silver Streak which we now use as a guesthouse on our property.

I have, in recent years, constructed small, aluminum trailer sculptures, but I wanted to do something with a bit of a twist for the Road Trip Show. I had some metal elements I’d picked up at hardware stores on my many scouting ventures for “ingredients”, as I often call them, that attracted my creative attention. Since my husband and I were off to the coast on holiday a few months ago I packed them up and took them with me so I could refer to them while making some drawings in my sketchbook for reference once I returned to my studio to begin construction.

The challenge was to piece it all together from all the components I had sketched, as well as locate the perfect objects from my collections in my studio and/or hardware stores and thrift shops to complete my vision. I managed to wrangle up what fit the need and strategically apply each one. To get the piece to completion, assembling the parts and pieces had to be done in a certain, methodical sequence so it all came together properly. It was a bit like a puzzle and I was happy with the result.

In the end, it was my fascination with the many wonderful and fanciful vessels Jules Verne envisioned from his amazing imagination that was my inspiration for this piece and it’s title. I just kept moving forward with that muse which made the process of bringing it to fruition that much more fun while exercising my own imagination.

- R O A D    T R I P - 
Air Streams, Tear Drops and Trucks . . .

Pack up and get out of town with paintings, prints, photographs, sculpture, and artist’s books that traverse the open road and linger on the quirky spots found between here and there. 

          Exhibit runs August 7-31, 2015    
Erica Applewhite, Cameron Bahnson, Morgan Brig, Damon D. Edwards, Jeannie Grisham, Denise Harris, Linda Jarvis, Chris Lehwalder, MJ Linford, Wes McClain, Shane Miller, Deborah Peek, Elizabeth VanDuine, Diane Walker, Kay Walsh
and Mimi Williams.
Bainbridge Arts and Crafts Gallery
151 Winslow Way East, Bainbridge Island WA 98110
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