Thursday, September 4, 2008


Sorry to have been away for so long . . . where did the summer go? A lapse in time occurred somewhere and I got lost in it. It has been filled with much activity of all varieties, some filled with light-hearted pleasures and others sad grievings. But, we take the time out to do what the moment brings us and then move forward to find more joy that life brings such as friends, family, new adventures and new art projects.

A new piece of recent endeavor is this one that speaks of the plight of our arctic dwellers, the Polar Bears. TRYING TO FIND A WAY BACK HOME is a look at the devastation global warming has been having on our Polar Bear populations. If they are lucky they reach a large enough piece of ice to then maneuver a way back to unbroken "ground" . . . . others are not so lucky and end up drowning from exhaustion in an attempt to find a larger base of ice in hopes they might survive.

In this piece it is my vision that their efforts successfully bring them back home with a beacon of hope guiding them.

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