Thursday, September 18, 2014



Welcome to GreyBird Barn... 

Well, time has passed by weeks now since the Port Townsend Studio Tour at GreyBird Barn. So, here are some images of the event that weekend. The weather was beautiful, the Barn looked wonderful revealing a real sense of a gallery. There was a wonderful feeling of team spirit among the participating artists as we welcomed the many guests who wandered through checking out the creative works we were displaying. This open studio concept is always the perfect way to reconnect with friends and art collectors, past and potential, while making new connections. It was also a perfect time for Shane to share her almost completed loft studio space in the barn which has been a long time coming for her. She spent a lot of the weekend trooping up and down the stairs, pointing out special features in the loft and sharing her enthusiasm for this remarkable space. You can learn more about her loft in this blog post.

Every year we pull this event together with the incredible assistance from family and friends. It could not happen without their help. A big 'thank you' to Carrie Ehrhardt for always coming through with some delicious home-made cookies for our guests and to Wendy Jarvis (my ever so helpful sister) and Bob Snow (Donna's husband) for helping us on clean up days before the sale and another huge 'thank you' to Bob for parking cars for us during the 2 day event. We also want to thank Melinda Bryden and Northwind Arts Center for organizing this event - with over 30 studios on the tour this is no easy task. And last, but certainly not least, I want to thank the fellow artists of GreyBird Barn. It's always such a pleasure and a treat to spend time with all of you and to share our visions, our processes and our passions with each other...
Thank you!

GreyBird Barn's Gallery setting.

Me, Linda Jarvis with Diane Haddon ... a wonderful assemblage artist (we collect much of the same objects) and very dear friend.

Donna Snow, another dear friend, in her corner space demonstrating her process for her fabulous and very imaginative collages.

People gathered around Shirley Moss, a friend and master chain maker, showing her intricate handmade chain jewelry.

Me, again, Linda Jarvis, and friend, Steve Parmelee (another fabulous assemblage artist-he and Diane and I crave found objects and they have some wonderful collections), and GreyBird Barn owner, Shane Miller, of course friend and wonderful mixed metal jeweler and narrative box artist.

Diane Haddon and Shane.

Lynn Anju, a friend, creative jeweler, and a previous exhibitor at GreyBird Barn, looking like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Loran Scruggs behind her is the artist who crafts these wonderful tin and bottle cap creations. A new participant this year and we all so enjoyed getting to know her and her work.

Me and our dear friend, Zo.

Zo and Shane

Here is Jay Haskins, an artist and friend visiting with Donna Snow. Jay is an integral part of Northwind Arts Center and display master responsible for hanging exhibits there.

Bob Snow, Donna's patient husband and a Mac guy (note his reading material) was our parking attendant. He could have very well set up shop as a consultant for Mac users and answer all kinds of Mac questions during the sale. 

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