Monday, September 26, 2016


Life has spread me thin of late. Seems there's been one thing after another that has thrown me off track, taking priority though still preventing me from finding my way into my studio. And, I have to say, my muse has not been visiting through these various distractions...But alas, a carrot out in front of me always spurs me on allowing me to shift gears. I am feeling The Calling again, thus I am back in the saddle and ready to ride.

That carrot I speak of is our 7th Artist Studio Sale at GreyBird Barn. If you are not familiar with our events, take a peek at a past gathering here. I won't say too much in this post other than I am looking forward to hanging out with these four other artists for the weekend of Oct 8 & 9. The line up this year is myself (Chimacum), Shane Miller (Port Townsend - it is her wonderful barn/studio we transform for this event each year), Diane Haddon (Suquamish - this is her first year with us. Welcome, Diane!), Loran Scruggs (Port Townsend - this will be her 2nd year with us. Welcome back, Loran!) and Lynn Anju (Port Townsend - this will be her 5th year with us. Always a joy, Lynn). 

I hope you will come back soon to see my post regarding the GreyBird Barn Event to reveal details in hopes you can stop by and visit and take in all the magical visuals.

Thanks for checking in. See you next post...

The Calling

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